Positive Thought: Where to Go From Here

Posted on August 1, 2012
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Is there more to all of this than simply finding and learning about alternative methods of curing the ills that afflict many people? There are many instances where alternative remedies are just as effective, if not more effective especially in the long run than medical science. On the flip side, there are plenty of instances where medical science is the right choice of solution. So far we have looked at many different “alternative” remedies and treatments but missed on probably the most important one of them all. Our thoughts.

The Human Mind

I don’t really want this to be a huge post, because I have written on this subject extensively in other articles published on other sites. But the concise explanation is that we can, to an extent, control our health and the way we fight off diseases and cure illnesses. We do it by what we are thinking, or to be more correct, by our predominant emotional state.

There is a lot of evidence to back this up and many surgeons will tell you that patients who maintained an upbeat, positive mental attitude to their impending surgery tended to make the fastest and most complete recovery over those who harboured a negative, downbeat attitude. You probably know someone, or many people who seem to always be in good health and those people are always smiling and seem to be happy most of the time.

Whereas you also probably know someone or some people who are mostly unhappy, grumpy and complaining about everything and these are the ones that are always seeming to get sick.

How Observant Are You?

If you don’t right now, then maybe its because you are not quite so observant as you thought you were! But you can test this out for yourself. Simply focus on a few people you know well and are in close contact with often. Note how their predominant outward bearing is.

Are they often grumpy and miserable, complaining about everything and putting people down for doing things they don’t like? Are they often scowling and rarely smile? Do you feel uncomfortable or even a little depressed when in their company? Look at their health: how often do they get colds, aches and pains, come down with an assortment of illnesses or get depressed?

Pick some people you know who mostly seem to be happy, smile and laugh a lot, always have a good word to say about everyone. They never seem to complain about anything and you always feel good in their company. How is their general health? Do they always seem to be healthy, rarely get colds and never complain of aches and pains or of feeling bad?

Tune Into the Good

My guess is that once you tune into people more closely and observe their state of health in relation to how they are emotionally or how they make you feel when you are in their company, you will start to see a definite pattern emerge. The positive, upbeat people will tend to be healthier and speak well of people and situations.

While the negative, downbeat people will be less healthy, complain more about things and often latch onto people’s mistakes and verbally put them down for them.

It’s not scientific at all, but it is there to see for anyone who cares to look. Your predominant emotional state is by and large controlled by your thoughts as well as what is happening around you. You can mentally block out negative events around you and choose your own thoughts if you wish. You can think only of happy, positive things and it really will lift your mood and promote happy, positive emotions within you.

After all, of all the things in anyone’s life, there is only one area that a person has total control over and that no one else can take away from them. Their thoughts! So make them good, happy and positive ones and you will improve your health as well as your outlook on life. And the best part is people will (even though they may not know why) enjoy being in your company more.

Can Convenience Diets Really Help You Lose Weight?

Posted on December 9, 2010
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There has been a lot of press lately about the obesity epidemic which is sweeping many countries in the West, especially the United States and the UK. This is getting people worried about the health consequences of being overweight and they are looking for ways to lose some weight.

That is good, but there is a problem in that while people are looking at measures to cut their weight, they are doing nothing to help themselves by changing a bad diet or getting some exercise when they are leading sedentary lifestyles.

Its as if the whole world is going mad! Or people are losing their ability to look after themselves while their caring governments are falling over themselves to pass a guzillion laws to nanny them and keep them from harms way.

Of course this is all nonsense and anyone with an average number of brain cells can see what is happening, but it is happening in such a way that the “nanny state” is bulldozing ahead before anyone can hold their hand up and shout STOP!!!

It is madness to try and fool people into believing that they can’t look after themselves and that a bunch of laws and politically correct “guides to life” will solve all the problems in today’s society. Anyone with any common sense can see that they are not the salvation. They are the root cause of the problems they are trying to solve!

But all that aside, this post was supposed to be looking at one of the highly publicized ways of dealing with the obesity epidemic, which is to get people onto convenience diets. In the US, Nutrisystem is leading the way with a month-long diet plan that just about does everything for you except spoon feed you the food! They deliver the whole diet to your door and all you have to do is take a meal as needed and… eat it! Okay, some meals need to be microwaved, or a little water added in the case of some of the freeze dried pasta dishes, but the meals are essentially very simple to have ready on the plate to eat within a minute or two.

That might sound like dieting heaven to many people. And in fact, to many people it really is dieting heaven. That’s because they lead such busy lives, they don’t have time for anything else! So do these diets help you lose weight? And does Nutrisystem work for the people that use it?

Apparently, it does and it works very well as long as you can stick to the diet plan. Sound familiar? It should, because its no big secret that if you have a good nutritionist provide you with a personalized diet plan for you, then if you follow it you will lose weight. Conversely, you will not lose weight if you don’t stick to the diet or cheat by eating high calorie snacks when you think no one is watching you!

Same goes for Nutrisystem (see: hhtb.org/nutrisystem-reviews/ for more details) and any other convenience kind of diet. You still have to stick to the diet for it to work and for you to lose weight. But if you do, then it will. Now, isn’t that simple?

Low Cost All Natural Remedy to Cleanse Parasites and Worms

Posted on November 23, 2010
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There are a variety of ways to rid the body of natural parasites and worms, but many of them require strong or even potentially harmful substances to do the job. It is far better to make use of a natural remedy to cleanse the body of worms and parasites and here is just the thing to do that with.

People could click on the image to the left and learn how they can purchase these natural remedy capsules at a great, discounted price from one of the web’s most trusted online stores, Amazon. There are many benefits from using a natural product to do this, not least of those being there are no nasty side-effects or chances of adverse reactions as all the ingredients are pure and naturally occurring in nature.

Here are some of the great features that make these easy to use capsules a such a great, yet simple solution to people’s own problems.

Product Features

So is there really a problem with human parasites and worms in our country? The answer is YES! Many people are traveling to countries where parasite are common, and food is also being imported from many of these same countries. Chemicals and solvents that we are now exposed to in our food and our surroundings can also contribute to our susceptibility. It’s important to cleanse the body, especially the bowel, using a combination of herbs that kill hundreds of varieties of parasites, and with no side effects.


Tansy (herb), Wormwood (leaf), Black Walnut (hulls), Garlic (herb), Pomegranate (rind & Bark), Hyssop (herb), Pumpkin (seed), Blue Vervain (herb), Senna (leaf), Chaparral (herb), Bayberry (bark)

As you can see, they are all-natural and safe to use. To get yours now, click here: Buy All Natural Remedy to Cleanse Parasites and Worms

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