Posted on August 22, 2008
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Following my last post at What is Gout, where I looked at the painful condition of gout and what is available that can be done to remedy the situation somewhat, I now turn my attention to some of the natural or alternative cure supplements that are available.

Health supplements are nothing new and I don’t suppose I’m going to be breaking any new ground with this post, but the fact remains that health supplements can be highly beneficial to many people as a way of preventing illnesses and ill health in the future.

There are also the not so natural supplements that exist for conditions that make use of their benefits. One such problem that exists in many people is too high a level of carbohydrates in their system, usually the result of eating too many carbohydrate rich foods! Well, there exists carb blocker supplements to actually prevent the body’s uptake of the excess carbs. Whether they are a good thing or not depends upon your lifestyle. If you eat well and exercise regularly, your won’t need them. However if you eat junk food and lead a sedentary lifestyle, they are one way to prevent too much damage by your own actions.

Another problem may people suffer from is stress. No surprises there and where those of us who follow the alternative lifestyle have natural methods of bringing stress under control such as meditation and self hypnosis, for those that don’t have the time for these there are stress control supplements that will artificially calm your nerves and bring your levels of stress down. Again not ideal, but for people who lead such busy lifestyles that they simply don’t have time to slow down, these could be of great benefit.

Lastly, there is the age old problem of weight loss. This has become an epidemic of recent times with everyone seeming to be jumping through hoops in order to lose weight. Well, for the ones that prefer to ignore all the experts and even us alternative lifestyle advocates, there are ephedrasil weight loss supplements that come to the rescue to assist in a weight loss program. Of course you’ll have to visit the site in those links to see for yourself how effective any of them really are as they do not necessarily fit in with an alternative lifestyle where people do what they do through their own sense of what is right and wrong rather than what the so-called experts all tell us!

Well, that’s it for now. Keep up with the alternative lifestyle and you won’t be needing anything artificial to bolster up the old system!

Terry Didcott
Alternative Cures


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  3. Reflexology London on November 8th, 2008 1:51 pm


    Suplemental vitamins can do a lot of good, i buy my stuff at healthdirect in the uk, the store produces its own stuff mostly and has a good reputation. I’ve never been in a GNC !Not sure about these shops really

  4. tel on December 16th, 2008 2:43 pm

    Actually its Terry, but I’ll let you off that one! I know of healthdirect and their stuff is good.

    Personally I wouldn’t go with what this site is selling and don’t recommend them at all. They asked for some exposure and as the links are Google friendly, I don’t mind.