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In the first of our series of informative articles reated to alternative cures, we look at how prescription drugs are causing one of the greatest tragedies of modern times.


So many people dwell on the horrendous human tragedies of the past, such as the two great world wars, the holocaust, the wars in Korea and Vietnam and more recently the terrible conflicts in Yugoslavia the Middle East with the resulting mass murder of many thousands of innocent Americans in the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Yet despite all these widely reported and publicised tragedies, we are blissfully unaware of an infinitely more tragic event in modern times that is literally swept under the carpet.

What could this be?

It is a peacetime tragedy that is claiming the lives of over three quarters of a million civilian Americans year in, year out and nothing is being done about it. Such is the incredible scale of this ironically legal wholesale slaughter of innocent citizens that youíd think someone, somewhere would stand up and shout about it from the rooftops.

Yet silence and apathy ensues.

That is because the financial backlash would be too great to ignore. Iím talking about the total stranglehold the major drugs companies have over the governments of the western world countries and the prescription drugs they produce and have doctors hand out to their patients like sweets.

The doctors are overworked and under immense pressure to prescribe a whole plethora of commercial drugs at greatly inflated prices. We hear about the latest miracle drug for this or that malady, but what we donít hear about is all the lives that these drugs, when wrongly prescribed, are taking. As has already been stated, this currently runs in the region of three quarters of a million lives EVERY YEAR!

Add to the astronomical human cost the less important, yet very real financial cost, which in the United States alone stands at an annual rate of around $282 million and you can see the incredible scale of this human disaster. It is no wonder governments want to keep this as quiet as possible.

What is even worse is that the above estimated costs of these medical mistakes is only the tip of the iceberg. Because most doctors are afraid of lawsuits and the possible loss of their licence to practice medicine, only a small fraction of these medical blunders are actually officially reported.

Add to this the fact that the general public hasnít a clue what is really going on, they continue to put their complete trust in their doctor without realising the potential danger that they are in.

Thatís because decades of brainwashing by successive governments and media manipulation have conditioned the public to blindly accept that conventional medicine is the one and only to properly treat all of our physical ailments.

Add to this dizzyingly outrageous statistic another well concealed fact that every year, around one million Americans are physically injured in hospitals and that over a quarter of a million of those patients actually die from those injuries. Thatís more deaths per year than the total annual death rate for automobile accidents!

That is even greater than all other accidental deaths from all other causes put together!

Yet the cost of healthcare is still rising at an alarming rate. Wouldnít you think that this rise would lead to patients getting a better level of health care? Well, youíd be wrong. Of those three quarters of a million deaths every year, over one hundred thousand of them happened because the drugs were wrongly prescribed by the doctors. Again, this official death toll is vastly underrated due to the fact that so may of those deaths go unreported. The true figure is likely double that!

So what can we do?

Well, we can try and break that lifetime of conditioning to believe we need to take this drug or that medicine to treat this or that ailment. One of the classic and most popular misconceptions is that if you suffer a little indigestion following a meal, then you should take an antacid tablet. Another is if you have even the mildest headache, you should grab and aspirin or paracetamol.

Wrong and wrong again!

Mild indigestion is just as easily treated by slowing drinking a glass or two of plain water at room temperature!

What? How can that be, you might wonder. Water is FREE! How can something that is free be of any use?

And that is the power of the conditioning that we have all been exposed to all our lives. If it hasnít come from the pharmacy or been prescribed by a doctor, it canít be any good. Right?

Wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!

If you cut yourself, you reach for the antiseptic cream and a band-aid. Why? Because thatís what youíve been conditioned to do. There is another way of healing that cut and itís is not only natural, it also costs very little and will do the job in less time and with no ill affects at all.

In a later article, this and other techniques will be revealed.

They will include:

  • How to use certain plants that are easily grown in any garden to heal cuts, scratches, insect bites and stings, as well as burns (including sunburn) and scalds.
  • How a common ingredient used in everyday cooking can also be used to neutralise the effects of insect stings and bites
  • How pure water can "cure" a number of common ailments.
  • And many, many more.

We are currently living in a cycle of mental conditioning and reliance on the medical profession to cure us when we are ill, but this cycle CAN be broken. We just have to take control of our own lives and learn to do things for ourselves rather that expect someone else to do it for us.

Author: Terry Didcott

Word Count: 946
Date Submitted: 05-05-07

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