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In the second of our series of informative articles reated to alternative cures, we look at why we actually need alternative cures.


It may come as a rather unpleasant surprise but in all truth, with many drugs there is actually a greater chance of us dying from the effects of the drug itself than of being healed by it. Nowhere is this more poignant than in the field of cancer treatments. Some of the drugs used in treating cancer actually kill more patients annually than the cancer itself.

So why is disturbing fact not widely known?

The reason is thanks to medical professionís ability to mask the real cause of death in these cases by using the term "cancer related."

Cancer is not the only disease that this practice applies to.

There is one terrible fact that is being kept from the general public. It is known by the drug companies, the medical profession and last but by no means least, the insurance companies. That fact is that every year, there are more deaths attributed to "death by whatever-illness" which should be more accurately described as "death by treatment-of that illness".

The drug companies donít want the general public to know this, because their industry is a multi-billion dollar monster that no-one wants to stop.

The medical profession doesnít want the general public to know this because their reputation is at stake at the very least and in the worst scenario, they are wide open to lawsuits the like of which has never been known before.

Of course the insurance companies donít want the general public to know this because they have to justify their sky-high premiums somehow, but they are not about to let on that they are charging those prices because they KNOW that modern medicine is the biggest killer.

So is there an alternative?

Yes, of course there is. Itís just that the average person on the street is unlikely to know about it, because it is not so widely publicised and of course your local doctor is not about to voluntarily tell you about it.


Itís kept under wraps because the alternative lies outside the boundaries of modern, standard medical treatment.

So, what does that mean?

It means that the alternative requires a natural, whole person approach. It means that a person suffering from an illness must take responsibility for them self and not simply rely on a doctor prescribing a magic pill.

The human body is a wonderful piece of bio-engineering. It was created to be self adjusting, self regulating and above all, self healing. All internal systems interact with all others, so that as long as we look after them, by giving them enough exercise, the correct nourishment and liquid requirements and by not abusing them by putting excessive amounts of bad things in them, they should stay healthy and run smoothly for our entire lives.

What causes illness is not normally the result of an internal malfunction (apart form the rare occasions where a birth defect or genetic trait causes problems), but the direct result of what we put into it or how we treat it.

So if we just slob around all day and take no exercise, eat all the wrong foods such as junk food, processed meals, meat laden with antibiotics and growth hormones, fruit and vegetables coated with pesticides, sugar laden desserts, too much alcohol, drugs and other unnecessary nasties, our bodies are going to react by going wrong in one department or other.

Well, thatís fine in you are a picture of health. But what if your body is already creaking under the weight of too much of the wrong things and you have already fallen ill? What can you do to get better again?

Think of your body in terms of a car that has broken down. You take it to a mechanic who looks around and finds exactly what needs fixing. When you think about it, the mechanic doesnít start putting things into your car that werenít there before it broke down. He replaces the parts that needed replacing with new ones. He puts in new oil to replace the dirty old oil, checks all the fluid levels are right and so on. Itís exactly the same with your body. You didnít come into this world with an armful of drugs inside you, so drugs are not the answer to what is ailing you now.

The answer is known as an alternative cure, or alternative medicine.

Alternative cures are nothing to be afraid of. They are not magical concoctions brewed up in a witchís cauldron during a full moon. In fact, alternative cures are simply giving your body the right ingredients it needs to function in a normal way. These alternative cures can be as benign as introducing a certain enzyme in your food to aid digestion or a certain vitamin that you might be lacking, or need to help your bodyís immune system function at its optimum pace to help you fight infections without the need for artificial antibiotics or drugs.

Antibiotics themselves will actually kill all the good, natural bacteria that live in your gut and keep your metabolism running normally, causing more problems than they initially solve.

Modern medical practises do not normally allow for the alternative cure approach, because it is so heavily reliant and interwoven into the fabric of the drugs companies culture. Most doctors will dismiss the idea of alternative cures because that is the way they have been taught Ė to believe in the magic of this or that wonder pill or drug to cure the ill for which it has been created.

They simply donít realise that those magic pills are actually killing more people than they are curing.

You can avoid becoming another of the hidden statistics by embracing the alternative cures that are available and by taking proper care of the only body you will ever get in this life.

It makes you think, doesnít it?

Author: Terry Didcott

Word Count: 977
Date Submitted: 07-05-07

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