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In the third of our series of informative articles reated to alternative cures, we look at the state of our food and the two most common additives, salt and sugar.


It may come as no great surprise to readers of this website, but most modern, pre-packaged, processed, additive enhanced food is slowly killing us! You only have to pick up a packet of, say biscuits in your local supermarket and read, yes read the list of ingredients printed on the label to see what a recipe for disaster they truly are.

It doesnít stop at sweet things like biscuits or cakes, sweets, candy and chocolates. There are some unbelievable additives in just about everything you can buy. The list of potential causes of coronary disease somewhere down the line is staggering, from an overdose of salt and sugar to the more frightening things like monosodium glutamate and aspartame.

But the latter two additives, along with a whole host of other strangely named and often misunderstood chemical substances that find their way into our food are topics for a much bigger and expansive work of authorship.

For this article, weíll take a closer look at two of the most natural and prolifically used food additives of all.

Salt and sugar.

Salt, or sodium carbonate to give its proper chemical name is a natural substance that is found everywhere from seawater to underground mines.

Without it we will die!

Too much of it and we will die!

The average human adult body is designed to function normally with an intake of approximately 6 grams of salt per day, according to the Food Standards Agency (UK). The correct level of salt in our bodies allows normal bodily functions to operate, for instance the communication from brain to muscles and nerves, allowing for normal digestion and blood circulation etc.

The Foods Standards Agency also state that approximately 75% of all salt consumed comes from processed foods. 10-15% is added by consumers. 10-15% is naturally present in food.

According to a recent report on BBC News, the current average daily salt intake stands at 11 grams for men and 8.1 grams for women. This is clearly too high. The health risks associated with excessive salt intake include one of Britainís biggest health problems, high blood pressure. This can lead to a whole host of other dangers to health such as the risk of strokes and heart disease.

Sugar is a whole different kettle of fish! Despite its impact on health, no maximum safe intake has ever been established for sugar. However, that doesnít mean that it is safe to consume sugar by the truckload. Yet despite the obvious dangers of the excessive consumption of sugar, food manufacturers load their products with way too much of it, to appeal to the basic human desire for sweet tasting foods and drinks.

The health risks come mainly from obesity and all its associated problems, from the elevated risk of heart disease to diabetes. Another associated problem is of course tooth decay.

Obesity is rapidly becoming one of the most common health risks of the 21st century in the western world. People are literally eating themselves to death. Itís not just excessive consumption of obviously sweet foods that are causing the problem, but the fact that so many processed foods contain high levels of sugars as well. In the United States, almost 60% of sugar in the diet comes from corn syrup, otherwise known as high fructose corn syrup. This can be misleading because as it doesnít actually say "sugar" on the label, many people donít realise the level of sugars the food contains. The other 40% of sugars comes from sucrose which normally takes the form of common granulated sugar.

There are many foods that contain high levels of sugars that the average person would not normally associate with being "sweet". Savoury foods like pizzas, curries, Chinese takeaway, many soups, sauces, fast food hamburgers and fried chicken all contain high levels of sugars.

There is really no escaping the high levels of salt and sugar in our processed, supermarket bought foods, unless you are prepared to prepare your own food from raw, natural ingredients. Things like fresh fruit, vegetables and meats obtained from reliable sources (organic if possible) and by using herbs and spices as flavouring substitutes for salt. At least that way, you can be fairly sure the food you cook yourself will only contain the additives that YOU include.

Then it can be called food to LIVE for!

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Author: Terry Didcott

Word Count: 787
Date Submitted: 14th May 2007

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