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In the fourth of our series of informative articles reated to alternative cures, we look at natural ways to beat cancer.


Cancer. The big "C". The scourge of modern society. We all know what it is and most of us have heard how the medical profession deals with it. Most of us, unfortunately also know someone who has died from it. Often it is someone close, like a family member, loved one or close friend. No amount of words can faithfully describe the feeling inside when someone close to you is diagnosed with one or other form of cancer. We anguish over what might have caused it in the first place, whether the existing treatments will cure itÖ or fail.

So what actually causes cancer?

Thatís a hard one to answer in anything less than a pretty sturdy book! As there are over two hundred different identified types of cancer that pervade the human body, there is no straight, "one-size-fits-all" answer. We are regularly bombarded with new stories about the high profile variants, like breast, lung, prostrate and colon cancers, to name but a few. To make matters more complicated, different people are affected in different ways and will respond to different treatments in different ways.

Thatís why you hear stories or even know someone who smoked all their lives and reached the grand old age of ninety five, while someone else who never smoked died of lung cancer. Of course, those are extreme cases. The majority of people who smoke will die prematurely of a smoking related disease Ė one of them being lung, throat, mouth or other cancer.

There are other contradictory instances too. For instance, excessive sun exposure may or may not cause skin cancer, but it wonít cause most other kinds of cancer. Certain food additives (such as monosodium glutamate), when taken in excessive amounts has also been linked with stomach cancer.

Cancer is what is known as a multifunctional disease. This means that it can have many possible causes. Modern medicine is discovering new causes for some of the various different types of cancer all the time. Cancer research spends billions of dollars every year looking for causes as well as potential cures.

So why does a person contract this awful disease?

There many factors involved in contracting one or other type of cancer. Understanding why this is can be difficult if you take cancer as a whole, but the causes of certain types can be narrowed down. For example there are substances known as carcinogens that are found in certain everyday situations. Chemicals in cigarette smoke, such as pyro-benzene are carcinogenic. Benzene is also a present in vehicle exhaust fumes, so the more polluted the air we breathe, the higher the chance of contracting one or other forms of cancer. Although this is not the whole answer to the question of what causes cancer.

Not all smokers will develop lung cancer.

So there must be other contributory factors, such as age. Most cancers appear to become more common as we age. Yet some children also contract cancer, so age is not the only factor. Genetic makeup, the state of a person's immune system, their diet, their environment and stress levels all contribute in some way. Even some unrelated diseases can cause cancer Ė certain viruses are known to cause cervical cancer.

Because of the sheer number of variables, modern medicine often struggles not only to determine what is causing the different types of cancer but also how to effectively treat them. Subsequently, cancer patients are subjected to a barrage of harmful drugs, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Many cancer experts do agree on one thing. That is a natural, healthy diet can greatly reduce your risk of falling victim to cancer. That old adage: "Prevention is better than cure" holds true.

But what if itís too late for prevention? Is there a natural, drug-free cure for cancer?

Well, first you have to understand that modern medicine does not have all the answers. Not by a long shot. An earlier article outlines that very problem. On the other hand, over the years many studies have been carried out on diseases such as the some of the many forms of cancer and have concluded that there are natural methods of treating and curing many forms of cancer.

The human body harbours elements known as "free radicals" which, when allowed to multiply unchecked, can cause the very cell damage that can lead to tumours forming. Research has discovered that certain chemicals in foods, called antioxidants can knock out free radicals and thus reduce the chance of cancer taking hold.

Vitamins C and E are antioxidants. Tea, especially green tea contains strong antioxidants. So do green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and spinach. Popeye was no fool! The list of foods containing powerful antioxidants is growing as nutritionists join forces with research teams to discover new and more powerful antioxidant containing foods.

There are many other tried and tested natural methods of dealing with cancer. An extremely informative and knowledge packed book has been written by Karon Beattie, called "Natural Cancer Treatments That Work". This important work contains over 350 natural treatments that are known to be effective in dealing with cancer. We feature this book on our products page, because it is of such immense importance in helping to combat one of the most destructive diseases in the world today.

If you know someone who is suffering from cancer, this could be the greatest gift you could ever give them. If you are suffering from cancer yourself, this could make the supreme difference in your fight for survival.

So yes, cancer can be beaten naturally and without drugs.

Author: Terry Didcott

Word Count: 928
Date Submitted: 15th May 2007

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