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In the eighth of our series of informative articles reated to alternative cures, we look at the health cost of modern farming methods and their produce and compare it to organic methods.


The food we buy in shops and supermarkets, from markets stalls and even farm shops all has one thing in common. It is killing us. Meat of every kind is so unhealthy for several reasons and fruit and vegetables are so full of toxic residue it's a wonder we're not dropping like the flies those pesticides are knocking out. In this three part mini-series of articles, we'll take a closer look at some of these farming practices and their results and compare them with organic methods of farming to see whether or not organic really might be our only salvation.

Part 1: Meat the Grim Reaper?

Meat and meat products are forever in the news due to a variety of health scares and other issues and when you open your eyes and actually face the truth about modern farming methods, you won't be too surprised why this is.

Inhumanely farmed livestock is a big issue these days. The facts of farming practices forced upon farmers by pressure from the huge supermarket chains have made the headlines on a number of occasions and spurred investigative journalists to infiltrate some of these farms and capture on film the almost unbelievable scenes of horror and torture bestowed on the helpless animals and birds.

A damning film taken in a well known turkey farm was finally aired on television to shocked audiences. It showed thousands of oversized birds crammed so closely together they could hardly move, with their beaks cut to stop them injuring each other, so overweight their legs could not bear their bodies as they often could not stand on their own two feet. These turkeys were wallowing in their own faeces and urine, often with feathers burned off by that urine.

This isn't just true of turkeys. The same goes for chickens, with the difference that chickens are kept in tiny cages so small that they can barely physically move in those cages for the whole of their short pathetic lives.

If that wasn't enough, these birds are fed growth hormones and steroids since birth to make them grow to maturity and ready for slaughter in an insane time period. To stop them getting sick in their close quarters with each other, they are also pumped full of antibiotics and other drugs to stave of infection and disease.

Upon slaughter, this cocktail of drugs, steroids, hormones and antibiotics is still present in the meat that winds up on the supermarket shelves. You, the unwary consumes are eating that meat. What do you think all those chemicals are doing to your own bodies? Or do you believe that properly cooking the birds gets rid of them all?

Wrong. Think again.

Cooking the meat properly only kills the salmonella and other bacteria that is present in the meat. The chemical drug residue remains for your own bodies to deal with.


Meat from cows, sheep and pigs fares no better. Their lives are spent in close quarters with each other and they are similarly fed a diet containing growth hormones, steroids, drugs and antibiotics which, surprise, surprise end up on our dinner plates.

Itís not just the dangerous residues in meat that are a serious health risk for your families. There are also the problems that a diet high in animal fats will create. Such as elevated bad (LDL or Low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels, a greater tendency to weight gain or obesity with it's own health risks, higher incidents of colon or bowel problems from IBS to cancer and a whole plethora of related health issues.

What alternatives are there?

Well, there are two which you can follow to protect yourselves and your families from this harmful and potentially unhealthy diet. One is to cut meat out entirely from your diet and become vegetarian. You could replace meat with fish if you didn't want to become completely vegetarian. Even cutting down your intake of meat will have health benefits, but to truly be free of the drugs and other residues, you may want to consider removing meat from the menu permanently.

The other, more expensive alternative is to only buy organically reared and produced meat from certified organic farms. This will allow you to continue to eat meat that is free from the harmful residues of mass produced, intensively farmed produce, although the other health risks will remain.

In the next two articles in this mini-series, we will look at the benefits as well as the negative aspects to each alternative, starting with a vegetarian lifestyle and concluding with an organic approach to feeding yourself and your family.

Author: Terry Didcott

Word Count: 765
Date Submitted: 3rd June 2007

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