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Posted on September 21, 2009
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Sometimes there are diet alternatives that are useful to know about even though they don’t technically fall into the “alternative” category. Some are better than others while some are quite amazingly popular for one reason or another.

I want to take a look at one of the more popular brands, Nutrisystem in this post simply because so many people use it and it seems to have an incredibly high success rate. First off though, it is important to read reviews of the Nutrisystem diet plans because they are of great benefit to those individuals who are thinking hard about losing weight by trying this product.

I wanted to come back in this blog with an interesting article that looks at the many pluses and minuses of this well known diet food delivery system to bring the reader an impartial view of Nutrisystem and how it works as well as how it might help you to lose weight. Now, I know this isn’t exactly an alternative way of doing things and in reality, it does push the limits to what is natural and what is artificial.

This diet food plan is made up of ready meals that are pre-processed for convenience, which pretty much makes them about as unnatural as can be! But there is more to it than that, which is why I’m writing about it here.

The first thing about Nutrisystm you should know then is that the system revolves around those pre-prepared, pre-processed, packaged and frozen meals that are meant to substitute all of the meals you normally eat. There is a plus point coming here in that it is aimed at people who are overweight. People usually get overweight because their diet is crap.

It’s usually crap because the people who eat that stuff are usually too lazy to prepare and cook proper, nutritious and balanced meals for themselves. So by substituting Nutrisystem’s set meals, you are providing at least well balanced and nutritious meals that provide your body’s health needs while at the same time being low calorie.

This should be the first step to losing weight, at least for lazy people!

But here is a minus (or a plus depending upon your point of view) You should prepare and cook some fresh vegetables to supplement the Nutrisystem meals. Why? Because it will bulk them out so you won’t risk becoming hungry too soon after eating one of their meals on its own.

If this looks like a minus point to you, then you are probably one of the real lazy ones. If it looks like a plus point, then you have some determination to want to make it work, while being able to see the obvious benefit in adding some low calorie bulking matter that is also nutritious and good for you! What you don’t want to happen is by avoiding this extra step in the process you’ll feel like snacking in-between meals.

And what do people like to snack on? Yep, potato chips, cakes, biscuits etc. Better to eat the veggies, no?

Another minus that some people are going to experience is a possibility of getting gas. Yep, if your body has been so used to consuming crap, then once you start eating food that is actually doing you some good, its going to take a while for your digestive system to get used to it, with the result that your are going to get wind and fart more!

Either you can complain about it or just laugh it off!

So, the gains are there if you stick to the diet food, add some vegetables and don’t cheat. You’ll lose weight for sure because you’ll no longer be eating all that garbage that was making you fat in the first place.

The Nutrisystem meals are pretty easy to prepare. Its a simple case of taking them out of the freezer, popping them in the microwave and hey presto! Instant meals that won’t make you fat. That’s a definite plus in anybody’s book.

Ok, the last thing that people are going to whine about is the Nutrisystem cost. What is that cost exactly?

Well, you could simply look at their website and see the charge for the month’s supply of meals and for what they are, which is currently around $8 a meal, you might think that’s not cheap but neither is it expensive. What would it cost to eat out at a fast food restaurant every day? Probably a lot more than that.

But that’s not the whole cost, is it?

You already spend some money on all your presently crappy food that you eat at meal times. So work it out. What do you already spend on meals each week?

Multiply that by 4 to give you a monthly figure. Then take the total away from the monthly Nutrisystem cost and you have the real cash amount that it costs. Now I bet it looks pretty cheap, especially considering that you’ll be losing some weight by eating those meals in place of your old unhealthy diet.

Is that the final cost? No it is not. The final cost is in doing something positive not only to lose weight but to improve your health. The cost of good health is priceless! Because without your health, what have you got?

Does Nutrisystem now look like something you might want to try?

Visit their website for more details and see how you can lose weight for not as much money as you might have thought and its easy!

Terry Didcott
Alternative Cures

Stinging Nettle Remedy

Posted on June 16, 2009
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Nettle Extract is useful for a whole range of health conditions including those relating to the blood, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, genitourinary tract system, glandular, inflammatory, liver, metabolism, respiratory system and skin.

stinging nettle remedy

Best Selling Nettles Extract

The extract is simply added to infusions such as herbal teas, or with food. Please follow the maker’s instructions for dosages.

More Information on Stinging Nettles

My apologies first of all for not posting for a while here at Alternative Cures, but I’ve become so widely spread lately that its getting hard to get round all my blogs like I used to be able to! Still, at least when I do post, its quality!

This time around, I want to re-visit an aspect of alternative health that I touched on almost two years ago and that involves the use of the humble stinging nettle. To many, this invasive weed is something to be stamped out of one’s garden, but to a true gardener, and us natural health aficionados, it is an all rounder that possesses many healing properties as well as being useful to the gardener as a compost activator and producer of liquid plant feed for free! But that’s for another blog…

Plenty of people are finding this blog looking for a stinging nettle remedy and while my original post went some way into it, there is more to tell. Of course that depends upon whether you’re looking for a remedy that makes use of the stinging nettle in some way, or you’re looking for a cure to the actual sting from the plant!

Well, I can tell you that while the sting from the plant is irritating in the extreme for a short while, it soon dies down of its own accord, although rubbing a dock leaf that you will often find growing nearby into the area of the sting will sooth it. Other remedies for the sting include vinegar (a great all round sting calming liquid), Aloe Vera or am infusion made from the nettle tops themselves!

So on to other uses for this incredible plant.

Of course, there is more information which you will find by visiting the older post on stinging nettles in this blog here: Stinging Nettles for the rest of the info!

Stinging Nettles Remedy

Planetary Herbals Freeze-Dried Stinging Nettles

Planetary Herbals Freeze-Dried Stinging NettlesHere is another very good product: Dried nettle leaf has for centuries been used as a tonifier. When nettles leaves are carefully freeze dried, additional properties are preserved which are known to support the respiratory system. In-vitro research of these constituents show partial inhibitory effects on the biosynthesis of arachidonic acid and leukotrienes.

Use to support respiratory and sinus health. be sure to drink plenty of pure water, avoid molds, pollen, and animal hair. Supplement with vitamins A and C with bioflavonoids for best results.

Ok, at the start of this post, I did say quality and not quantity. Right now I simply do not have time for one of my epic thousand word plus posts, so this smaller one will have to do just so that you know that I’m still here and this blog is still being updated!

See you again sometime (soon I hope!)

Terry Didcott
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Alternative Diabetic Cures

Posted on March 28, 2009
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I’m back again here at Alternative Cures with another look into the world of alternative treatments for mainstream health problems that either have some basis in fact proven by modern research or have overwhelming anecdotal evidence to their effectiveness. In this article, I’m going out on a limb in many respects because diabetes is a very mainstream illness that is very treatable by mainstream medicine. That makes it less of a priority to look into natural remedies for diabetes, although there is still some validity in some areas that I will touch upon.

However, the main focus on this article is not so much the cures themselves, rather some preventative measures that can make a huge difference in the susceptibility to the symptoms of diabetes. There’s not much need for me to quote official figures as to the actual numbers of people who suffer from diabetes. Just about everyone has a pretty good idea on this as its in the news so often.

So lets get straight to it. What we know for certain is that diabetes comes in two main forms, type I and type II, the former being the more severe and its sufferers usually need to inject insulin at certain times as prescribed by their doctor. The latter is far more prevalent in society and while less severe, can still bring on a host of related illnesses ranging from eyesight problems to tiredness and lethargy, kidney problems and many others. Essentially, diabetes the body’s inability to regulate its own blood sugar levels effectively in varying degrees of severity. No point in going into the medical side of it either as again, its in the news so often that most people have a pretty good idea of the causes and symptoms. So where am I going with this?

Potential Preventative Measures

Diet is your best form of preventative defense against a blood sugar imbalance severe enough to cause lethargy leading to unconsciousness and coma. It is also an important means of keeping the weight down, so is a real beneficial addition of any collection of premium weight loss tips for diabetics. You probably hate to hear it, but being careful what you eat and drink can make a huge difference. Its about watching the level of sugars that you take in so as not to overload your bloodstream with too high levels exacerbating your body’s inability to produce sufficient insulin to cope with it.

A big misconception that diabetics are under is that while its not ok to drink fizzy drinks laden with sugar, it is ok to drink the diet versions, or those containing artificial sweeteners. Come on, take your head out of the sand and read up on what those artificial sweeteners are doing to your body! Aspartame, Sorbitol and Saccharin are the big three and they have all been linked to cancer amongst other things. And that’s only where they’ve been researched individually. No one knows yet what the consequences of combining them in any foods or drinks.

Aspartame is a minefield of trouble. Its like playing Russian Roulette with a gun loaded with more than one bullet! Do you want to take that great a chance with your health? Among other things, this artificial sweetener may replace sugar which you know is harmful to diabetics, but it still acts in the same way as with non-diabetics, in that it actually stimulates a feeling of hunger causing you to eat more and gain weight.

What is weight gain to a diabetic?

A cause for extreme concern, that’s what. It can mean the transformation from type II to type I diabetes if not held in check. Keep drinking those artificially sweetened drinks and that’s where you’re heading my friends. Some kind of weight management is a definite necessity and there are plenty of alternatives to try, from mainstream diets to light exercise to simply being very careful what you eat and drink.

So what’s the alternative?

Why, isn’t it as plain on the nose on your face? Stop drinking canned and bottled drinks, stupid! Why do you need them? You don’t. Why do you want them? Because the TV advertisers make you want them. So you’re a slave to the TV advertisers, right? You can break free from that easily, just as you broke free from taking in too much sugar. Just say NO!

If you must have a fizzy drink (which your body really does not need) try sparkling water. If that’s too plain for you, mix it with some natural fruit juice like freshly squeezed orange, pineapple etc. Your body will thank you for the extra vitamins and no more artificial crap slowly killing you.

Does that sound harsh?

Well it damn well is meant to be, because the sooner people wake up to the fact that their diets is almost completely controlled by the advertisers, the sooner their health will improve. The same goes for processed foods and junk foods that you buy in fast food restaurants. Its all laden with bad stuff that is detrimental to your health and if you suffer with diabetes, its even worse. Hamburgers, fires, pizza, hot dogs etc are all full of artificial crap, often fried in oil that is in itself bad enough to make you break out in acne and the nation practically lives on it.

So the true natural or alternative diabetic cures are no more than common sense, when it all comes down to the lowest common denominator. You are what you eat. And if you eat rubbish and drink rubbish, then your body will give you rubbish in the form of diseases such as diabetes. Don’t let that happen!

Terry Didcott
Alternative Cures

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