Weight Loss Tips that Work

Its all well and good writing articles about weight loss that pretty well recycles all the information provided on other articles and publishing them on your blog, but a huge percentage of that information can be misleading and in some cases blatantly incorrect. That can be downright dangerous for anyone who doesn’t know any better trying something that has little or absolutely no value in terms of them losing weight and can cause psychological damage when it totally fails them.

That’s why I thought it would be important to put together an article here containing some of the weight loss techniques that actually do work. They work because they are tried, tested and proven by scientific trials, tested by real people and published in nutritional and medical journals.

These are the methods and techniques that, because of their simplicity and ease of implementation, are most likely to work for the majority of people who make use of them. I say majority of people, because no matter how good any technique is, the simple fact is that people are different and that different techniques work better for different people.

There is no “one size fits all” weight loss method, although there are some facts about weight maintenance that are irrefutable and when applied to your personal circumstances, will work when you apply them correctly and do not cheat. There are only a few of these golden nuggets of knowledge that exist and these are what I am going to tell you about in this article. They are based in fact and proven to be correct, although they should be applied to your way of life in a way that fits you personally.

Fact No.1:

When you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

This is the big kahuna fact of slimming and the foundation of all diets and exercise programs that are in existence. Your weight is determined by your body mass and that mass can only increase when it is added to.

You add to your body mass by consuming a range of nutrients that come through your food and liquids, which are measured in calories. These calories are converted to energy to be used by your body to carry out its normal functions and do work such as exercise and any physically demanding tasks. When your body performs work, it burns that energy, maintaining the status quo with regard to your weight. When you eat (or drink) more calories than your body can burn off, then the excess gets stored as fat and you gain extra pounds.

Fact No.2:

Different foods contain varying amounts of calories for a given mass.

That’s something you are bound to already know, but it is amazing how many people who want to get slim will quite happily continue to tuck into high calorie foods such as burgers, fries, pizza, hot dogs, fried foods, cakes, biscuits, candy bars etc and wash it all down with soda drinks.

Some people even go so far as to place themselves on a calorie controlled diet, which is good, then cheat by sneaking a cream cake or a candy bar when they think no one is looking. This is cheating yourself because it doesn’t matter if no one else is looking, there is always one person who knows what you are doing and that person is you! To ensure you slim down on any diet, its vital that you stick to it and do not cheat. At all!

Fact No.3:

Exercising regularly will boost your weight loss efforts many-fold.

Far too many people who are overweight are so because not only do they have a bad diet, they also lead a sedentary lifestyle, which is one where they don’t move about very much. This happens when your job entails sitting at a desk all day, or driving a vehicle for many hours at a time without a break.

Then when you do take a break, its to go sit in a cafe and eat a high calorie meal! Then when you get home, what do you do? Go sit in front of the TV or play computer games until its time to go to bed. Next day, same again.

This is the lifestyle an incredible amount of people in the West lead and it means they do little or no exercise coupled with eating a bad diet. The result is weight gain leading to obesity with the prospect of a curtailed lifespan dogged by illness and ill health. The absolute only way to turn this around is to get more exercise and change that diet if you don’t want to be looking forward to an unhealthy life followed by an early grave.

Exercise burns calories, as most of you already know, but there is a secondary benefit which is maybe not so well understood. This is in the building of muscle mass and the fat reduction cycle that builds up.

You see muscle tissue, when it’s put to work as in physical exercise burns energy. This forces the body to keep providing more of the sugars the muscles need to keep working. At first, those sugars are already present in the bloodstream. But after about 20 minutes of hard physical exercise (that which raises your heart rate, makes you sweat and breathe heavily) the blood sugars become depleted and must be replaced.

The replacements come from your body’s store of fat, which is used by the liver to convert back into sugars (glucose and dextrose) that the muscles can burn to continue working. So from that you can deduce that weight reduction will begin to occur after 20 minutes of continuous cardio, or aerobic exercises.

But there is the extra benefit that by doing this exercise regularly. The muscles doing the work increase in mass. This means that over time, the extra muscle mass doing the work will need more of the sugars to convert to energy in order to continue working. You see it as gaining strength and stamina, but what’s happening on the inside is that your muscles grow and consequently burn more calories to perform the same work.

That means you lose weight faster, the fitter you get!

If that all makes perfect sense to you, and it should, then you can see that by applying these three tips that work, you will lose weight. It won’t happen quickly, but rapid weight loss is not desirable and can even be dangerous. It certainly is not sustainable.

Slimming needs to be slow, measured and done to maximise the body’s resources in improved health, fitness and vitality levels which will enable you to maintain a healthy weight, a good looking, slim and toned body and keep the weight off permanently.

Isn’t that worth putting in a little extra effort for?

Terry Didcott
Alternative Cures