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Here you'll find an alternative selection of resources that don't fall into the natural cures and remedies found on the main Resources Page. There are spiritual and healing courses, healing techniques manuals and other learning tools, books and tutorials that are truly part of an alternative world.

All resources here come from reliable sources and are backed up with Clickbank's 56 day money back guarantee to ensure you don't fall victim to scam or rip-off merchants that proliferate the internet.

What's Here:


World of Alternatives The World of Alternatives is a website offering many different kinds of alternative approaches to life and ideas. There are downloads of books, audio files and tutorials ranging from meditation and self hypnosis through telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and many more subjects.

World of Alternatives

This is a site with many different aspects of an alternative world and an interesting place to visit and to find just what you've been looking for.

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I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization This is for true alternative thinkers and dreamers! The idea of Holgraphic Creation is using our mind to create that which we desire in a three dimensional holographic image that we can focus on much more powerfully than the normal imagery created by our imaginations.

I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization

It takes mental wish visualization to the next level of consciousness by honing your already creative mind to focusing on a subject and materializing it in holographic reality!

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Radical Reiki - Radical Life Reiki has been around as a nautural form of healing for thousands of years. To become a true Reiki master takes much study and practical experience, but this eBook teaches you how to embrace the fundamental precepts of Reiki in a very short space of time and with considerably less effort than other avenues of learning.

Radical Reiki - Radical Life

Attune yourself to Reiki now. This great book shows you exactly how!

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Developing Psychic Powers It's a known fact that we use only about ten percent of our brain power on average. Have you ever wondered what the other ninety percent is for? Does it peak your curiosity that perhaps we all have psychic talents that are hidden, locked away in that unused part of our brains?

This series of three books claims to help you to discover those hidden powers. Three titles covering Psychic Power Secrets, Clairvoyant Power Secrets and Telekenesis Power Sectres are packaged together in this incredible offer!

The Developing Psychic Powers series also has two free bonus titles included as a special offer to further expand your mind's potential to it's absolute pinnacle.

You can CLICK HERE to visit the site.

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