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Here you'll find an alternative selection of resources that don't fall into the natural cures and remedies found on the main Resources Page.

There are spiritual and healing courses, healing techniques manuals and other learning tools, books and tutorials that are truly part of an alternative world.

All resources here come from reliable sources and are backed up with Clickbank's 60 day money back guarantee to ensure you don't fall victim to scam or rip-off merchants that proliferate the internet.

What's Here:

Many spiritual, new age and alternative belief products have fallen by the wayside to be replaced by newer, more powerful and popular alternatives.

Latest Products and Resources:

Listed immediately below are the newer breed of digital product with the benefit of instant download after purchase if you are interested in them.

The Biorhythm

An unmissable opportunity to tap into your body's own biorhythms and know when the best moments are to perform certain tasks.

Whether they are related to health, wealth, happiness or whatever you are engaged in each day, this is a product that can help you to maximize your time to get the most from your body and your life!

Health: Want to reveal your physical rhythm and accurately show your best and worst days for exercising. The Biorhythm shows you the days you can really push the limits of your workout and the days you may struggle or should avoid working out altogether.

Self Help: I've heard this product has helped prevent potentially serious problems and occurrences in their lives. It's this powerful. Everyone goes through life with little to no idea what tomorrow may bring. Use the knowledge of your biorhythms to help reveal what your days ahead may appear like. Knowing what's coming means you can be prepared!

Financial: When it comes to your financial situation, it can be immensely beneficial to know when you're going to make the right choices at the right time. I'm sure you've all heard expressions like; "You're on a lucky streak" or "your luck's run out." Your biorhythms can be used as a marker that can actually helps show you the days you'll experience a lucky streak and the days they should avoid making any major financial decision.

Survival: Your Biorhythm reading will include a few potentially dangerous days that you may refer to as "critical days". This is when you're most likely to experience problems and even physical harm. Knowing when these days are about to appear ahead of time could avert a whole multitude of problems and could even be life-saving!

Love, Relationships: Do you still wonder if you'll ever find your true soulmate in life? Do you wonder if the person you're with is the right one for you? These and many similar questions can be answered when you make use of what could be only tool that understands compatibility in your life. Make the right choices and find the right person that can bring you a lifetime of happiness, love and fulfilment.

Click the image above right to visit this page and find out how The Biorhythm can transform your life!

Further down are older, defunct products that were at one time promoted on this page. I have kept their short descriptions as a reference and as a comparison of what is available now.

Note: As an affiliate of the above products, I earn commission on sales (price is not affected) generated from this page.

Products from the Past:

World of Alternatives

World of Alternatives The World of Alternatives is a website offering many different kinds of alternative approaches to life and ideas.

There are downloads of books, audio files and tutorials ranging from meditation and self hypnosis through telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and many more subjects.

This is a site with many different aspects of an alternative world and an interesting place to visit and to find just what you've been looking for.

Unfortunately, this site is currently down [link removed] to view this spectacular website!

I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization

I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization This is for true alternative thinkers and dreamers!

The idea of Holographic Creation is using our mind to create that which we desire in a three dimensional holographic image that we can focus on much more powerfully than the normal imagery created by our imaginations.

It takes mental wish visualization to the next level of consciousness by honing your already creative mind to focusing on a subject and materializing it in holographic reality!

[link removed] to find out more about Holographic Creation!

Radical Reiki - Radical Life

Radical Reiki - Radical Life Reiki has been around as a natural form of healing for thousands of years.

To become a true Reiki master takes much study and practical experience, but this eBook teaches you how to embrace the fundamental precepts of Reiki in a very short space of time and with considerably less effort than other avenues of learning.

Attune yourself to Reiki now. This great book shows you exactly how!

[link removed] to find out more about becoming a Reiki master yourself.

Developing Psychic Powers

Developing Psychic Powers It's a known fact that we use only about ten percent of our brain power on average.

Have you ever wondered what the other ninety percent is for? Does it peak your curiosity that perhaps we all have psychic talents that are hidden, locked away in that unused part of our brains?

This series of three books claims to help you to discover those hidden powers. Three titles covering Psychic Power Secrets, Clairvoyant Power Secrets and Telekinesis Power Secrets are packaged together in this incredible offer!

The Developing Psychic Powers series also has two free bonus titles included as a special offer to further expand your mind's potential to it's absolute pinnacle.

[link removed] to visit the site.

...More products will be added to this list periodically...