The cornerstone of a healthy body is a healthy diet fueling it. So much is said about what we eat being important for our physical well being that it is difficult to ignore it.

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There has been a lot of press lately about the obesity epidemic which is sweeping many countries in the West, especially the United States and the UK. This is getting people worried about the health consequences of being overweight and they are looking for ways to lose some weight.

That is good, but there is a problem in that while people are looking at measures to cut their weight, they are doing nothing to help themselves by changing a bad diet or getting some exercise when they are leading sedentary lifestyles.

Eating Madness

It's as if the whole world is going mad! Or people are losing their ability to look after themselves while their caring governments are falling over themselves to pass a gazillion laws to nanny them and keep them from harms way.

Of course this is all nonsense and anyone with an average number of brain cells can see what is happening, but it is happening in such a way that the "nanny state" is bulldozing ahead before anyone can hold their hand up and shout STOP!!!

It is madness to try and fool people into believing that they can't look after themselves and that a bunch of laws and politically correct "guides to life" will solve all the problems in today's society.

Common Sense

Anyone with any common sense can see that they are not the salvation. They are the root cause of the problems they are trying to solve!

But all that aside, this article was supposed to be looking at one of the highly publicized ways of dealing with the obesity epidemic. That is either to educate people to prepare and cook their own meals from wholesome, fresh foods, or if that's not an option, then at least to get people onto one of the better commercially available convenience diets.

In the US, Nutrisystem is leading the way with a month-long diet plan that just about does everything for you except spoon feed you the food! They deliver the whole diet to your door and all you have to do is take a meal as needed and... eat it!

OK, some meals need to be "microwaved," or a little water added in the case of some of the freeze dried pasta dishes, but the meals are essentially very simple to have ready on the plate to eat within a minute or two.

Making it Easy

That might sound like dieting heaven to many people. And in fact, to many people it really is dieting heaven. That's because they lead such busy lives, they don't have time for anything else!

So do these diets help you lose weight? And does Nutrisystem work for the people that use it?

Apparently, it does and it works very well as long as you can stick to the diet plan. Sound familiar?

It should, because it's no big secret that if you have a good nutritionist provide you with a personalized diet plan for you, then if you follow it you will lose weight. Conversely, you will not lose weight if you don't stick to the diet or cheat by eating high calorie snacks when you think no one is watching you!

Same goes for Nutrisystem (see: for more details) and any other convenience kind of diet. You still have to stick to the diet for it to work and for you to lose weight.

But if you do, then it will. Now, isn't that simple?

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