Chinese Herbs as Alternative Cures

Posted on July 10, 2008
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In my last post Looking After Your Heart, I wrote about the importance of looking after you heart and keeping as healthy as possible in order to live a long, full and active life as possible. In this post, I’m going back to alternative cures and will take a look at some of the ways that Chinese herbs which are used in traditional Chinese medicine can be of great benefit to all of us in our overall health and wellbeing.

Not that I particularly want to exclude all medicinal as well as culinary herbs here as they all have their place in healing and health, but I want to focus mainly on the herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine and will probably go on to different herb groups in later posts.

So first a bit of history. Not that anyone who has any inkling about Chinese medicine will be in any doubt about the incredible length of time that has passed since the earliest records were written about the use of Chinese herbs in traditional medicine! But it is still staggering to realise that Chinese herbs have been at the forefront of Chinese medicine for over five thousand years.

The use of certain herbs for curing certain ills has always been practised by our ancestors not only in China and other far eastern countries but also in medaevil Europe, Asia, Africa, The Pacific Islands and by aboriginals in Australia long before Europeans ever knew of the existence of that continent. It almost became a forgotten art in the West as modern medicine evolved as a seemingly more potent force for healing, buoyed up by the emerging drugs industry that modern medicine appears to be almost completely dependent on.

Not so with alternative cures and the many holistic approaches to health which can work in harmony with modern medicine to provide a more comprehensive armory in the fight against illness than humankind has ever known. The alternative remedies that we have labelled them were once the mainstream methods of curing and healing. They all relied on our ability to work in harmony with nature and use what we found growing from the earth.

It is unfortunate that modern drugs companies are geared more towards profit than actual compassion and they disregard nature with a haughty thumbing of their collective noses in the arrogant belief that they can beat nature and take our hard earned cash to prove it.

Well, this isn’t about money, profit or greed, arrogance, ignorance or blatant disregard for common sense.

This is about going back to nature and using what she has provided us with and which has been here all along waiting for us to discover, or rediscover the plants and minerals that we can use to benefit us before the huge conglomerate machines scour the earth for ever more profit until it is dead.

Traditional Chinese herbs and their uses for the good of mankind has been handed down for generations along with the knowledge that working in harmony with nature and the natural energy lines of the human body. The modern Chinese herbalists and practitioners use these carefully selected herbs to generate natural remedies and bring herbal pain relief to people suffering from a huge variety of ailments. We also know that the inherent herbal energy contained in the preparations can be used as a focus for our body’s own energy makeup to bring the lines of force back into alignment and thereby bring relief from suffering.

So we should take heed of the teachings of ancient Chinese wisdom and be very aware of the herbs that we can harvest and make use of to bring about cures in certain areas where even modern drugs and potions cannot. There is room for all types of healing and medicine in our modern world and all should be used wisely and not instead of any other form, but used together to increase each other’s potency.

Terry Didcott
Alternative Cures


2 Responses to “Chinese Herbs as Alternative Cures”

  1. Liudmila on July 16th, 2008 12:35 pm

    It’s strange thing, but we normally never speak that in our own countries there are (many) persons that understand the use of local herbs. And this science is not less valuable as that Chinese. Maybe it’s good time to remember it, what you think about it, Terry?

  2. tel on July 18th, 2008 3:01 pm

    Here in Spain there are a lot of local herbs that are used for healing – same in England and there the whole herbal industry is very big, probably more so than most places.