Natural remedies are the major alternatives to the drugs, pills and potions that the medical profession prescribe for many of our day to day and more serious ailments but sometimes you have to look at both sides of the fence for the greenest grass.

In another article here at Alternative Remedies, I looked at natural cures for sore throats with a very happy ending!

Well, this time, I'm going to look at one of the natural remedies that has a potentially negative side and make a bit of an example of it. The natural remedy in this case is black cohosh which is used by many menopausal women as a way of alleviating the hot flushes that are associated with the hormone changes associated with the menopause.

Medical Testing

Recent tests on lab mice (we don't like to hear about animal testing, but sometimes it has its merits when done in the name of medicine) have shown that when given large doses of black cohosh it resulted in the development of cancer.

OK, while tests on lab animals are not always accurate when transferred to humans, there is enough cause for concern to warrant further studies to see whether this product is safe or not. It does make you stop an think, especially if, like me, you are an advocate of natural cures wherever possible.

While we may say lots of derogatory things about modern medical science and the fact that the drugs industry seems to drive it more than a moral sense of wanting to really cure the world's ills, it also cannot be denied that we generally live longer as a result - longer than at any time in history in fact.

The Old Ways

Our ancestors that had only herbs, snake oil potions and other natural cures to fix their problems tended to die of them a lot more often than not. That said, we have the best of both worlds these days, as the savvy amongst us recognise that each has its own place in curing the sick and when the knowledge from both sides of that fence are combined, we have more alternatives than at any other time in our history for curing our ills.

Just look at all the many ways we can treat certain problems with a combination of natural and manufactured remedies today. Take acne home remedies as a case in point.

We can deal with acne much better now than we could only 20 years ago because we now know that it needs a whole body approach to dealing with a number of problems, whereas in the past, strong medications were our only options.

This might have come across as a bit of a rant, but it's not really. More like a kick up one's own backside at this eye opener that this is another story with a happy ending in that we all have more to be grateful for than any of our ancestors, despite what we might think to the contrary!

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