Dying to Meat You!

If you are wondering what I mean by dying to meat you, I'll explain it here because this is a subject that is really important to know about.

There has been a human argument that has been raging since the year dot. Are we truly omnivores or are we really herbivores?

The vegetarian movement will have us believe that the human digestive system was never designed to digest meat or animal products, whereas supporters of eating meat disagree wholeheartedly.

Meat and/or Veggies?

meat and veggiesWhatever the truth of the eventual result of that debate, there is another side to this argument that is less loudly vocalised.

Perhaps we as consumers should be less divided over the merits of eating a meat based diet or a vegetarian based one and try uniting on a point that is so important for the future of our race that it can't and shouldn't be ignored or swept under the proverbial carpet any longer.

And that is that it's not one type of food or other that is making us sick or infertile or allergic or whatever is the overlying problem.

It's what's been put into that food (by humans).

Artificial Additives

It might surprise you to learn (if you didn't already know) that a large percentage of the population have absolutely no idea what they're eating when they buy food products from the supermarkets and grocery stores.

The food manufacturers (that word in itself should send shivers up your spine) are required by law to list the ingredients in their products, but there are sadly few that ever read them, let alone understand what all those terms even mean.

But it's not just the food products themselves and their listed additives that we need to know about. What about the animals that have been processed into those products?

What is Fed to Our Food?

We know well enough that farm animals raised using intensive farming methods that are kept for slaughter live their short, miserable lives in appalling conditions. But how many people know what they're fed on and what's in the feed they eat?

Take an educated guess and you'll probably arrive at the answer that they are fed on chemically enhanced feeds comprising mainly grains. Grains that are often genetically modified and sprayed with many chemicals during their growing cycle.

To add to their woes, they are pumped full of growth hormones and steroids. That is to make them grow abnormally quickly and overlarge to make them ready for the supermarket shelves to turn a quick profit. To keep them from getting sick, they are also pumped full of antibiotics.

Many of us know all this, yet feel powerless to do anything about it.

Yet we still go to the supermarkets and fill our trolleys with this unwholesome produce, knowing that the residue of those hormones, steroids and antibiotics are still preset in that meat. Then we cheerfully feed it to our children.

Is Vegetarian/Vegan Better?

Well, vegetarians and vegans don't get let off the hook so easily just because they don't eat animal products.

The vast majority of farmed fruit and vegetable produce is soaked with a lethal cocktail of some twenty or so different pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and grown in virtually sterile soil that is itself laden with a further cocktail of artificial chemical fertilisers.

And the food industry expect consumers to fill their supermarket trolleys with all this bug-free shiny perfectly formed fruit and veg and not know that the residue of that lethal cocktail of poisons is still present in that food?

It's enough to make you want to give up eating altogether!

The only problem is that's something we can't realistically do if we want to avoid, you know, dying from starvation!

Organic Produce

There is a way of avoiding a large percentage of all the poisons that are in mass-produced food and food products.

That's to source all our food from organic farms and growers. There is of course a major downside to this. Organic produce is much more expensive to buy!

The other (even better) alternative is to grow your own food. At least the fruit and vegetable side of it. That's fine if you have some land available, like a suitable garden/yard and you set yourself up to learn how to grow your own produce.

If you live in an apartment or home with no garden, you're not so fortunate. It is possible to grow things in containers on a sunny terrace or patio and some people do pretty well at it. However, not many people ever try.

So it's the store or starve!

What's Next?

In the next series of free articles on this website, I'll be looking at just these facts and a whole lot more beside to blow this wide open and make people aware of how the food industry is slowly killing us to turn a profit.

Don't miss it. Coming Soon.

Written by: Terry Didcott


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