There is no arguing that health is a major topic of discussion for us human beings and in this section of the website, I'll be placing a good collection of associated articles to expand on the many facets of the subject.

Our health is everything because without it, life can be pretty horrible, while when we're in good health, life is good.

Health and Beauty

Health and beauty are two words that seem to go hand in hand all over the place, but I often wonder if that's because they are intrinsically linked to satisfy fact or just the advertisers' bank balances.

I'm going to use this article to take a look at that association of words.

At first glance, you'd think the two words placed together in the same space was perfectly innocent and harmless, but on reflecting upon this viewpoint for a little longer, a realization then dawns. What in the blue blazes has beauty got to do with health?

These two words are thrown together in a way that makes people believe that to be healthy you have to have beauty. Well, I wonder why that is?

The Power of Word Association

If you are advertising a beauty product, do you think more people would buy it if they thought it would bring them health as an added bonus for using it?

Of course they would.

The only real link between the two that I can fathom is that if you are in the picture of health, then you would look a whole lot better than if you were sick. That would lead me to conclude that in that respect your level of "beauty" would be higher if you were healthy than if you were not.

So we can accurately assume that the words health and beauty are uttered in the same breath for no better reason than someone wants to sell you a beauty product and is using the health angle to make more sales.

Am I being cynical here? You bet!

Making yourself more beautiful by slapping on a ton of so-called beauty products will no more make you any healthier than by sleeping in a compost heap!


So with that in mind, here's the point of view of the beauty products seller. Take a website which displays a whole range of beauty products grouped into neat categories on its main page.

Then you could look into one of its categories like, say skin care and see further sub-categories each with a list of beauty products to sell you. You then go to one of those sub categories to see what they have in the way of actual products.

Let's look at anti wrinkle face creams and see what's what. Now this site actually gives you a few paragraphs of information about anti wrinkle face creams, which is more than most do so you at least go into this armed with some knowledge and aren't led into the dark and cajoled into getting out your credit card blindly.

Highlighting the Benefits

All the while the benefits of using a certain product are made clear. In the case above, they give you plenty of good information as to what ingredients are actually in the products they sell, which at least is on par with supermarkets labeling what goes into your food and a good thing.

Not all website that sell beauty products would do that. Most would just go on about the perceived benefits of buying their products and the link between beauty and health would always be there as a hook.

So we can see that in reality beauty has very little to do with health, although good health can produce a form of beauty. If looked at from that viewpoint, then from the sellers and advertisers of beauty products point of view it's not a lot of good to them unless they can convince people that there is some truth to it, which there is not.

However from the other side of the coin, health products would benefit from the association with beauty, because a healthy person is also viewed as more beautiful in reality by human eyes, because true beauty comes from within and a healthy body is also a more beautiful body than a sick one.

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