Healing Herbs Can Be Dangerous Too!

It's worth remembering that healing herbs can be dangerous too when used in the wrong way or at the wrong dose. So it pays to be mindful of what it is you're using and what you intend using it for.

It's as much a part of living an alternative lifestyle as anything else. Herbs are used in a variety of different way from cooking, to healing, as tonics and hair washing, to dyes for clothes and pigments for makeup.

This post is going to concentrate on the impact herbs can have when used to heal.

Benign Herbs

Most herbs are benign when used in reasonable amounts, as moderation in all things is a good rule of thumb.

All culinary herbs can double up as healing remedies in one way or another and are generally safe to take in moderate quantities.

However, there some herbs that must be viewed with caution and only taken on the strict advice of a qualified herbalist.

Get the Facts

Often the internet is a good source of information when it comes to the properties of herbs, but not all that information is either accurate or takes into account the dangers of taking too high a quantity of one herb or another.

So caution should always be observed when you are dealing with herbs that you have never tried before or are unsure as to their safety.


A good example is Tansy. This flowering herb, when taken in low doses is a digestive aid and cleansing tonic for the body.

Tansy was traditionally baked into cakes that were eaten around Easter time following the ritual fasting of Lent.

It was also used to flavour beers and medically as a worm expellant for children. However, if taken in large doses it can be a powerful emetic and can cause severe gastric problems that can lead to death if the amount taken is particularly large and not treated quickly.

Be Wary

What is often overlooked is the fact that many herbs are poisonous when taken in large doses while they may be beneficial when taken in very low dosages, so if an article you found on the internet tells you to go and take some hemlock for a particular condition, check it out thoroughly first.

Spoiler: Hemlock is a deadly poison, by the way!

So a good line to follow is that if you are sure a herb is safe, then use it in moderation. However, if you are unsure about the properties of any herb, first research it's properties online and additionally seek professional advice from a qualified herbalist, particularly one you trust or has been recommended to you by a knowledgeable close acquaintance.

The last thing anyone wants is to cause the death of a loved one due to faulty advice or poor information regarding herbs.

Written by: Terry Didcott


Posted on Fri, 05 Oct 2007 in Health | 6 Comments

6 thoughts on "Healing Herbs Can Be Dangerous Too!"

Liudmila says:
8 Oct 2007

I used to heal me wormwood (Artemisia) and it is very toxic. I knew it's necesary to use very little quantities for 5 days. And did so. After 5 days I had about 50 gr of herb left and thought to use it in the herb-tea....

I didn't know, Tansy is toxic too.

Somebody said: the difference between poison and medicine is in the dose.

Terry says:
8 Oct 2007

I heard that too somewhere. How true it is. Tansy is only toxic in large doses, but then so are many herbs.

Digitalis in minute doses can prevent a heart attack, but in even moderate doses can create the opposite effect and bring on a heart attack! That's why great care should always be taken!

Liudmila says:
9 Oct 2007

Terry, I wanted to ask you to write a post about this:

How to protect myself from those persons that can ( know this techniques or know it from themselves) to influence other persons.

Explain with my example.

I'm a person that can be very easily influenced by others "hypnotic" thoughts and movements. And sometimes it plays with me bad game. I can understand, what is happend. And it is surprizing. Sometimes the same persons don't expect this my exagerate reaction.

Could you say me, how can i power my head to "heal" it?

Thank you.

felix says:
23 Oct 2007

Very informative Terry. I am a bit hesitant myself to do the herbal preparations myself. I would prefer if the formulation was prepared by an expert herbalist. Thus, I get my herbal remedies online at (link removed)

Alternative Medicine Zone says:
31 Oct 2007

The healing herbs are helpful in boosting our immune system and for fighting against different infections in our body.

One important point we have to keep in our mind is that some of the herbs should not be used during pregnancy.

Terry says:
1 Nov 2007

Quite right - you should always research herbs thoroughly before taking them while pregnant