Natural Remedy Tips #11 - Lemons

Down through the ages in all parts of the world, the healing and health-boosting properties of lemons has been well known to many holistic and natural healers.honey

Many of those properties are commonly known as grandma's remedies, with very good reason.

A few of the many health-giving properties of lemons can literally be life savers!

Natural Source of Vitamin C

lemons in waterMost people are well aware that lemons contain a lot of vitamin C, which is an immune-system booster that helps to ward off colds and 'flu.

Vitamin C is also used by the body in a number of processes, such as:

However, there is more to the humble lemon that just that one important vitamin. Here are some other ways that lemons can benefit your health.

Citric Acid

Lemons contain a form of citrate known as citric acid which has a number of benefits to health, including the prevention of kidney stones.

This acid helps increase urine citrate levels, reducing the risk of the build up of hard deposits made of minerals in the urinary tract which clump together to form the painful stones in the kidneys.

Despite the acidity of lemon juice as you drink it, the body seemingly magically uses this to alkalise naturally, helping maintain the body's delicate pH balance.

Phenolic compounds found in lemons are a kind of antioxidant that supports healthy blood pressure, endothelial function and regulates low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels. The health benefits in these cases relate to more smoothly flowing blood through the vascular system reducing risk of heart attacks and strokes.


Numerous studies have shown that lemons come top of all citrus fruits that are rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are responsible for protecting the cells from damage by free radicals, which are responsible for many illnesses including cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

While a good deal of antioxidants are found in the juice and flesh, recent research has revealed that lemon peel contains even higher amounts.


I've already mentioned the cancer-preventing properties of the high levels of Vitamin C contained in lemons, but there's more to lemons than many people know.

Here is where I go out on a limb and risk some serious jeering, ridicule and mockery from people who think they know better. You probably know some of those yourself, because they're everywhere!

Take what I'm about to share with you with a measure of disbelief if you want, but I learned this from a medical professional who does know better. Plus I've watched what I'm about to share with my own eyes, so I know it to be true.

There are compounds in the skin of lemons that have anti-cancer properties. Powerful ones.

I'm talking so powerful, they leave current mainstream treatments in the dust. I will avoid mentioning some trigger words that might flag the release of the ″conspiracy police″ but you should use your own common sense to figure out what I'm being pretty obvious about.

I will also reference a National Library of Medicine article that covers this topic: "Anticancer Activities of Citrus Peel Polymethoxyflavones Related to Angiogenesis and Others," so you can read it for yourself and see that I'm not making this up.

Let's talk about flavanoids!

The flavanoids found in lemon peel can inhibit (in cancer cells) oncogenesis, proliferation, neovascularization and metastasis and inducing apoptosis (self-induced cell death).

The long story made short is that these compounds are able to cause cancerous cells to die while not targeting or harming healthy cells.

This is huge!

This particular information is what I alluded to in my About page when I talked about not having the knowledge that could have (and likely would have) saved my father's life. Instead, I had no choice but to helplessly watch him dying of an aggressive strain of stomach cancer in 2003.

Shall we get into some radical talk now?

How much money has been poured into cancer research over the decades, countless hours of trials, tests, yada-yada-yada? All with absolutely nothing to show for it.

I wonder, why is that?

I'm really tempted to continue into an angry rant, but I don't believe it will do any good. I think the astute among you will already know what I'm talking about here.

Real-Life Cancer Story

I did mention I've seen this actually work with my own eyes? I'll relate what happened to a person I know.

This lady who I will not name, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and told by her doctors that she would need a mastectomy followed by a series of chemotherapy treatments to save her life.

To say that she was absolutely terrified by this news is no exaggeration.

I had recently learned about the healing properties of the whole lemon and asked her if she would try it. After all, she had nothing to lose and as far as anyone knows, there is no harm in drinking lemon juice or eating the rind or peel of the fruit.

Having access to several lemon trees growing on private land that were never sprayed with any form of pesticide and the soil was never treated with any chemical whatsoever. The lemons were about as organic as you can get!

Each day I took one medium size lemon, washed it and sliced it up before putting all of it (pulp, skin, pith and any seeds) in a blender with about a litre of water and blending it until thoroughly mixed and easily drinkable.

Each day, she drank the entire litre of lemon mixture.

After three weeks of this, she returned to the medical centre for more scans. They came back all-clear. There was no evidence of cancer at all. She was completely free of cancer!

I'm sure you know of someone who was diagnosed with a serious or even terminal condition only for them to go into complete remission, baffling their doctors in the process. It is far more common than you may think.

Was this lady cured by the compounds in the lemons or was it all in the mind, a powerful placebo?

The evidence referenced above would suggest that the compounds in the lemons had a lot to do with the elimination of cancer, although the power of the mind to heal the body when needed can't be ruled out entirely.


There is just too much research-backed evidence that the many compounds present in whole lemons have many really powerful health benefits and curative properties to ignore it.

Even if you don't want to believe that the humble lemon could by any stretch of the imagination be the cure for cancer that no one in the medical world cares to admit, there are still the many other health-giving aspects to this citrus fruit.

I personally consume a glass containing about a third of a blended whole lemon and water each day. I don't have cancer but since there is nothing to do any harm in there, I'm happy to absorb all the other health-giving properties.

It tastes horrible, I should point out. But you know what is said about medicine in old wives tales: ″The worse it tastes the better it is!″

I don't use it as a medicine, but more as a preventative as part of my daily ″keep healthy″ routine.

Note: Lemons bought at the store have their skins waxed to extend their shelf-life. If using these fruits, you should remove the wax completely: Use warm water and bicarbonate of soda mixed and scrub the skins clean.

Written by: Terry Didcott


Posted on Wed, 2 Jan 2024 in Remedies | 2 Comments

2 thoughts on "Natural Remedy Tips #11 - Lemons"

Karen says:
9 Jan 2024

Thanks for the information, it's more than I already knew and I thought I knew quite a lot about these yellow zingy fruits! I take a lemon a day as a preventative against colds and influenza, mixing the juice with some cider vinegar, honey and ginger for a more potent concoction!

Terry says:
10 Jan 2024

I agree, this mixture is very potent against most viral infections as well as being a good liver cleanse/tonic.