Acne Causes and Natural Remedies

I want to look at a problem that certainly affected me in my teenage years along with the vast majority of my friends.

Acne, its causes and natural remedies that can help relieve the symptoms!

Acne is generally a teenager thing although it can keep going well into a person's twenties as it did me and beyond.

What Causes Acne to Appear?

There often seems no rhyme or reason for its appearance or severity, although there are certainly some triggers that are known about that can be avoided.

During the growth spurt that we all suffer once we reach puberty, our hormones are all over the place which often contributes to many problems, behavioural and otherwise during that time. The hormone imbalance is often one of the main culprits for the appearance of acne, but this is not the only one.

What You Eat Counts

Diet plays an important role in determining how severely we are affected by acne and teenagers are prone to eat more junk food, sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc and drink sweet fizzy drinks than at any other time in their lives.

I was no different, being quite happy to devour a juicy hamburger or two with fries, washed down with a large Coke and then rounded off with a chocolate bar or three. Then I wondered why, the next day my face broke out in spots!

Well, I know a lot of teenagers do try to keep an eye on their diets but a lot do not and go looking for treatments to cure a problem that is generally although not always entirely self induced!

Personal Hygiene

Well, in certain cases there are bad attacks of acne that do not follow the general rule of eating badly and filling the body full of toxins.

While personal hygiene also plays a part, most teenagers tend to scrub their faces several times a day in a vain attempt to ward off the next outbreak of those dastardly red spots and blotches, and worse, the puss-filled yellow-heads that they morph into. Yuk!

So what is the cure for acne?

How is Acne Cured?

Well, that is a big question and one that there are many answers to. Far more than can be handled in this article no matter how lengthy it might turn out to be.

That's not to say there aren't some good pieces of advice that can be handed out here. There are and I'll do my best to let you know what I know so that at least will give you something more to go with than just a few wives tales and doctor's prescriptions of God-only-knows-what potions, applications and creams that are popularly doled out by the bucket-load.

Not surprisingly, I will take an alternative cures approach to dealing with any ailment, no matter what it is. That's because I firmly believe that the body is a marvellous piece of engineering that is designed to heal itself.

As long as everything is working in harmony with everything else, then you should not get sick or suffer any malady.

A Body Out of Balance

It is when something is thrown out of kilter that we get sick or contract things like skin disorders including acne at any time in our lives.

Often it is a case of finding out what has gone off track in our bodies, or whether there are any stresses that could be causing us to misalign with the resulting imbalance allowing problems to manifest.

Just so as to give you a balanced outlook and to provide at least an alternative viewpoint, there is a useful Acne website that has plenty of ideas and products for treating this problem.

Is There a Product?

Murad Acne is a product that is believed to be effective in treating acne which incorporates the Murad Acne Complex to work its magic.

Whether you think this might be worth your while at least looking at, then any one of these links in this paragraph will take you to the Acne Complex website so you can get another opinion on this and it's worth taking a look at if you want to go down the propriety treatment road.

Common Sense

On a more natural and common sense note, there are of course several things you can do to help yourself to minimise the effects or possibilities of any further serious attacks of acne.

Watch your diet and be ruthless!

Avoid fast food, junk food, potato chips and other salted snacks, greasy fried food, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and candy. If you can't avoid eating these things, then at least cut them down to the barest minimum and tell yourself that you don't really need any of them!

If you're ever tempted to grab a can of Coke or any other fizzy soda drink for that matter, remember this:

Coke is one of the best things to use to clean rust off chrome and that US highway patrol police carry a couple gallons of the stuff in the trunk to wash the blood off the road surface after an accident!

Now what is that liquid crap doing to your insides?

Diet Soda Is NOT a Good Substitute

Oh, by the way, don't think that you can cheat and drink so-called diet fizzy drinks just because they may not contain any sugar.

They still have all the other nasty ingredients plus the potentially cancer causing aspartame and saccharine and sometimes sorbitol artificial sweeteners lurking up their cylindrical metallic sleeves!

If you think you are immune to the effects of these chemicals, well you might be now, but in a few years time the cumulative effects of ingesting these chemicals could prove to be disastrous. And if you don't believe me, just listen to what your own country's politicians say about these chemicals.

Of course they endorse them and tell you they are safe.

When did you ever meet a politician that actually told the truth?

Stop Believing Corporate Lies

OK, so if you think you're going to weaken and still eat or drink any of that stuff, then you can ask yourself, "How bad to I NOT want a face full of spots?"

If you still want to indulge, then you get what you ask for!

Naturally, keeping your face as clean and grease free as possible is good horse sense, as is avoiding using any harsh make-up or products on your face. Stick to mild, pH neutral products that are designed for combination or sensitive skin.

After all this advice, if you feel that you still need something more, there is an excellent book that you can download called: Acne No More. If you follow that link you'll go to my resource page where you'll find a short review of that book and a link to the author's website where you can obtain some more information.

Written by: Terry Didcott


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